Earn points and get exciting rewards at GoWell! Here’s how to earn points:

  • Boost your knowledge! Read the health and wellness articles on the website. Our system will track your visit and credit 1 point per day to Teal members.
  • Boost your fitness! Attend GoWell events and get moving. Teal members earn 2 points for every Community Workout attended while getting a great workout!

Gold members earn 2 points per day for visiting the website, 6 points for participating in a Community Workout, and 4 points for attending a Gold Fitness Class.


  • Rewards are available only to GoWell Teal and Gold members.
  • Rewards must be claimed at Sun Life Head Office upon redemption.
  • Maximum of two (2) rewards per member may be claimed per year.
  • Rewards are not convertible to cash.
  • Sun Life reserves the right to modify the points and reward system.

Apple Watch Series 4, 42mm
(Coming soon)
900 points 

GoWell Mason Jar
100 points

Apple Watch Series 4, 38mm
(Coming soon)
800 points