There are times we are in the edge of things and about to break down. There are moments when we feel we are like a balloon with too much air and about to pop. We wonder how other people can handle such stress. We hope that we can hold our patience more when we are already in the midst of strong emotions. We think of people who can stay solid, calm and graceful at the time when bad things hit the fan.

It is not an easy task to be in a stable state. Know that handling stress when the iron is already hot is possible. It does take practice. Being in a calm state is, indeed, a muscle we have to build. The more we use or practice it, the more we strengthen it.

Note that successful people can stay calm. There is a direct link between the ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure to your performance. Anxiety and worries are negative effects of bad stress. This could take effect on your mind and body, thus, leading to failure.

First and foremost, breathe. Doctors, yoga instructors and meditation gurus always tell you to breathe in your nose and breathe out from your mouth. Stable your breath until your oxygen and blood flow gets better.

To get a hold of yourself, you must understand the value of staying calm. You must take the positivity of learning theses values. At a calm state, you are at your best health. Decisions are easier to make and you are more likely to choose the better deal. You must choose goodness, as the old saying says, ‘mind over matter.’

Next step after understanding calmness is to practice the calmness. Understand the situation first and how it happened. Look at things in the quality point of view. Use optimism and faith to get you out of the situation.  

Is it worth it getting upset, over emotional or doing drastic reactions? What will be the result if I break down? In actuality things will not turn out well. You, in the spotlight of it, should know this. You should be over this so you can be the better you. Always shift negative perspective to positive thinking. Of course, turn out will also be positive. Positive begets positive.