Stress is everywhere. While we cannot completely avoid stress, we can control the way it affects us. Here are some strategies to help you better manage stress at work:

Prioritize your tasks. Do you always feel like your adding items on your To Do List without ever crossing anything off? Learn how to differentiate from Musts to the Shoulds. Cover the important tasks first and, if possible, delegate the less important items.

Take the high road. Sometimes, stress isn’t caused by work but the people we work with. It could be an arrogant boss or annoying colleague that makes you dread coming to the office daily. Always remember that it’s always better to act with grace and respect even if the other person doesn’t take the same approach. By taking the high road, you get to focus on your job and avoid being dragged down by negativity.

Talk about it. Talking about your issues with a friend can help unload the burden of stress you are carrying. Your friend may not provide an immediate solution, but the mere act of sharing your problem and having someone else listen can make you feel better and less isolated.

Workout. 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week can help relieve stress. Whether it’s a 5k run, easy swim, or a competitive game of badminton, moving your body can increase your energy, improve your mood, and help you take on a more positive outlook for the day.

Balance your schedule. All work and no play will leave you feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. Make sure you allot the appropriate time for work, family, and extra-curricular activities each day to give you happy and well balance life.