It’s about time to stop trying all the short-lived weight loss strategies and make a decision to lose weight the right way by combining the 5 basic proven and effective strategies necessary to complete the five-pound weight loss formula:

5 Ways To Lose Weight Properly

1. Commit to safe and sustainable weight loss
Prepare yourself to lose just the realistic amount of weight in a certain period of time (1 pound a week or 4-5 pounds a month) by writing down your goals with corresponding strategies. Avoid quick fix diets that will only backfire once you experience burnout and deprivation.

2. Get the right amount of rest
Studies show that having the right amount of sleep (7-8 hours) can improve health and weight.  Getting enough rest can fire up your metabolism by allowing for sufficient body repair and recovery.  It can also improve your eating habits and it can increase your energy levels so you can move more and burn more calories.

3. Choose to eat healthy and happy foods
Never deprive yourself of foods that will nourish your body and, at the same time, make you happy.  Eat balanced, colourful and nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, seafood, lean meat and poultry.  Stay away from extra foods your body doesn’t really need such as junk foods, sweets and pastries and liquid calories like alcohol, sodas and flavoured drinks.

4. Be more active
Complete at least 10,000 steps everyday from lifestyle activities. Take every opportunity to move your body during the day by walking more, doing more household chores and errands. Always devote time to engaging yourself to your preferred formal exercises that will improve your fitness level and increase your metabolism such as resistance training, endurance workout (brisk walking, cycling, running, swimming, dancing), core and flexibility training.

5. Have a support system
Make sure that you have your buddy or support group that will encourage and inspire you to continue your weight loss journey.  They will remind you to start moving, stay away from high-calorie foods, and always renew your motivation to achieve your weight loss goals.

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Mitch has been in the health and fitness industry for 17 years. She is a Licensed Physical Therapist and holds a masters degree in psychology from Ateneo de Manila University focusing on lifestyle and weight management. She is a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise, health coach and group fitness instructor. She is a fully certified Pilates instructor in B and B studio and an Indoor Cycling Instructor at Electric Studio. She is also certified in PIYO (Pilates-Yoga), Piloxing, Zumba and Schwinn Indoor Cycling. website: